Wednesday, July 29, 2015

~Hydrangea Heaven~

I'm hoping my summer is going to be slowing down now that it's almost August.  Things have just been so busy around here and I'd love to enjoy some lazy days of Summer before it's over!

I finally had some time to pick up my camera again, just in time for these beauties to be blooming. Enjoy! xoxo K

Hydrangeas are one of my favorites growing in the garden right now.  I don't have that many different varieties but might be planting more if I can find a good shady area to put them.  
I cut these a little earlier than I normally would due to the excessive heat we've been having this Summer  which is making them wilt. 

My office got a little facelift with these pretty blooms in a vintage green glass bottle.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

~Outdoor Views~

I took these photos of this outdoor area of our property a few weeks ago and haven't had time to post them until now. This is a courtyard just before you walk the pathway to our fenced in garden.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.
 These roses in vintage French yogurt jars came from this arbor below.

Unfortunately they are already done blooming with all this heat we've been having this year and since they are the old fashioned variety they only bloom once.  I got some starts of these many years ago from my sister who had some growing next to her old farmhouse. They smell heavenly and are my favorite roses. The pathway here leads you out of the garden where straight ahead is our house and if you turn to your right you will see the Garden House.
These photos were taken shortly after I had planted all my pots and planter boxes so they've all filled in more since then and my foxgloves and daisies growing along the fence were beautiful this year but I'll be out there today pruning them back already.
I hope your week is going well because I can't believe it's already Wednesday!  Is it just me or does Summer seem to be flying by?

Monday, July 6, 2015


I hope everyone had a nice Holiday weekend.  My lavender has been blooming like crazy lately and I love bringing it indoors with it's heavenly aroma.  Enjoy!  xoxo 

I've been wanting a wine holder for a while now and couldn't ever find anything that would fit in my dining room.  I had these white metal cubbies so brought them inside to try.  I'm feeling like they might be a little too big for this area, but I'm going to keep them for a while and see if they grow on me. 

Before I got these potted lavenders planted outside, I enjoyed them in buckets in this room and added a little sprig to a green bottle.  I really like how it looks with the clock in the background♥

Dried lavender is also nice to have all year long and I like to hang it in my bathroom so the aroma will fill the air from all the steam. If you are looking for some, my niece will be selling it in her Etsy store here.  

The weeks seem to be flying by this Summer and we've had an abundance of hot dry weather this year.  I love warm sunny weather, but my garden doesn't seem to like the heat as much as me and it is suffering a little.  

~Have a wonderful week~

Friday, June 26, 2015

~On the Porch~

It's already time for Farmhouse Friday again and this month's theme is Porches.  I think of mine as an extension of my home in the Summer.  Enjoy! xoxo K. 

This area to the right of the front door is where an old primitive cupboard and some white and rusty iron pieces hold many pots filled with flowers. 

I was late in planting all my pots this year so many of these will look better later in the season when they are filled in and have more blooms.

The rest of the porch is home to an iron set of two chairs and a bench where you can find me on most  warm evenings relaxing with a good book or magazine. 

This end has a bench filled with statuary a couple birdhouses my husband made me and more blooms along with this large galvanized box for extra storage.

I've had this girl statue for many years and she is my favorite with her great patina and sweet face♥

I hope you take some time to be inspired by all the other porches as well.

FARMHOUSE BACK PORCH- Create a cozy space on your porch or
  FARMHOUSE 5540  

Friday, June 19, 2015


It's that time of Summer that I wait for all year long.....when my peonies are blooming!  They are the most beautiful and delicate blooms in the perfect shades of pink. They never last long enough and especially this year with the warmer weather we've been having, so I cut most of them to bring inside and added them around the house.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

One place they ended up is in my bathroom where I can enjoy them and their aroma.

I moved that ladder I had on this wall to the opposite side at the end of the clawfoot tub so I could add this wonderfully chippy board with hooks for hanging towels and bath necessities.  This Turkish towel was a Home Goods find. 

I'm still loving these open shelves especially with these beautiful blooms in an enamel pitcher sitting among many of my French finds.♥♥

As I get older I realize that the most precious things are worth waiting for....until next year!

Have a lovely weekend.